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When carried out by a skilled and experienced bricklayer, brickwork can be a piece of art. For thousands of years the principles of bricklaying have remained the same. Up until recent times brickwork was a specialist skill of which ‘the tips of the trade’ was a closely guarded secret.

A well built garden wall if pleasant in appearance can be the most important and decorative aspect of a home because it is the first thing that is seen. Similarly if you are having an extension built or a new build the brickwork is the most obvious aesthetic feature the house is built from so it can make a world of difference to utilise REAL bricklayers to offer you this aspect of your project. Our knowledge and experience can be invaluable when determining the right type and colour of brick for you. With the seemingly infinite variety of bricks available the possibilities of what can be achieved with a brick is limitless or is only limited to one’s imagination.

There are dozens of bonds in which brickwork can be laid. A bond is the arrangement of the bricks in the course, whether the shorter side of the brick known as the header is shown on the face of the brickwork or the stretcher ie. the longer side of the brick is shown. The most common bond is the stretcher bond, then the not as common but quite well known are english bond and flemish bond which are more traditional styles but are an enormous aesthetic enhancement compared to the basic stretcher bond. There are many more bonds but the bond of choice will mostly depend on the situation.

Decorative features such as herringbone or basket-weave panels incorporated into brickwork can enormously enhance the beauty of brickwork and features such as arches and brick sills above and below windows and openings can enhance the beauty of your extension or new build. Any money spent on your home on bricks and mortar is not only a great way to beautify your home but is also an excellent investment which will most definitely add value to your property.

The thickness of a wall can vary depending on the different situations. For example the load the wall is expected to carry, whether the wall is to hold back many tons of weight, whether the brickwork is below or above ground level or whether it will be exposed to very damp or freezing temperatures will determine the choice of bond and thickness.The density and durability of a brick or building block will depend on the material it is manufactured from, for example if brickwork is below ground level and will be exposed to major damp conditions a heavy dense brick such as an engineering brick is required which will have a high level of waterproof qualities. Or if the brickwork is above ground level and will not be subjected to as much damp other than rain then a facing brick is sufficient.

We are very passionate about our brickwork and do not cut corners. The key to beautiful brickwork is to hire us!

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